Are you hardcore enuf?


“If your dreams don’t scare you, they are way too small.”

Never settle for the average

You survived the Elite Seminar? Congratulations so far. But are you hardcore enuf for the next level? Let’s step up the intensity and level, and get closer to realizing your goals. Welcome in the personal HARDCORE SEMINAR.

In the Elite Seminar you reached your essentials music targets while (re)defining your goals, vision and working on clarity of your future. Let’s take your music skills to a higher level, develop yourself, work on your strategy and put this all into practice. We’ll do all this in a weekly personal 1-on-1 seminar, so we can focus 200% on your personal situation. Accept no excuses, and take action.

If you want to go for the extraordinary instead of the ordinary, you need that little extra! Do what you always did, and you’ll have what you always had. If you want to change your life, you should change. Focus on what you want, and stop thinking of what you don’t have or don’t want. We’ll take your music training to an advanced level, while working on the right mindset.

Are you strong enuf to work on yourself, and eliminate all excuses and procrastination? Your future looks bright!

Fight to win, don’t fight not to lose.

This HARDCORE SEMINAR will expand your music and guitar skills to an advanced level, while taking concrete actions designing your future.

Take control of your future and find the right balance. In the Hardcore Seminar, together we’ll focus 1-on-1 on your personal strategy and music development. Reprogram yourself, get the right mindset and feel like no-one can stop you now. Send out positivity and get ready to attract like-minded people.